Black Cats and Scary Stories

We Literary Cats love scary stories about
cats who make our literary tails shiver!

Oh! How my brother cat Tennyson does tease me when my whiskers twitch while we read The Black Cat or some other very scary story written by Poe. But he is not such a brave cat — more than once I have found Tennyson hiding under the bed!

Yes, black cats can be very scary…but we Literary Cats (even though our fur may look black) would never scare a cat lover — we promise.

Oh! Please understand that I do not want to scare you… but I do know some books about cats you might enjoy reading, if you are brave enough to face a small fright.

Classic Scary Tales

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Find Poe's scary Black Cat among tales told in the Modern Anthology called Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural. This book holds over fifty stories…every one a tale scary enough to make my tail shiver!

And although not every story is all about cats, each of these fifty tales is certain to give you a trill.

Look who besides Poe writes the stories:

  • Wilkie Collins
  • Henry James
  • Guy de Maupassant
  • O. Henry
  • Rudyard Kipling
  • H.G. Wells
  • and more well-known writers

I like this Great Tales book a lot, and I think you will, too…but Guess What!

Tennyson Says

You can find scary short stories to read free on the Online Books Page hosted by the University of Pennsylvania Libraries. But don't forget about your local library – look for e-books and audio books as well as free books on paper.

Classics can be free! Read my brother Literary Cat's Note — he knows where you can read classic scary tales, including The Black Cat and other Poe stories, in free books online.

Pretty cool! But still, this Literary Cat prefers a book I can get my claws into, especially when the story tells a scary tale.

Books About Scary Cats

Old classics are not the only books telling scary cat stories. Check out these newer books about black cats and ghost cats and just plain scary cats!

Scary Cats Delight Children

Every cat knows children are the smartest people on earth. Children know cats love to be loved and that not every black cat belongs in a scary story.

But this Literary Cat happens to know, too, that all children love to read books about cats…even scary and scaredy cats.

We recently met a new cat…

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This cat whom we did not know, we met in a twist of the old tale The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.

Kafka wrote some very scary tales, but I do not remember any story of his that featured a cat. However, Quirk Classics has now published a book named The Meowmorphosis attributed to both Kafka and Coleridge Cook — this story features a very scary cat!

If you dare to take a look, sneak a peak…

Which Book is Your Favorite?

We Literary Cats cannot possibly choose just ONE favorite story or book.
Nor we can we love only one color in a rainbow!

But if YOU have a favorite, please tell us Literary Cats all about the cats and books you most enjoy!

Say it right here! Start with a title...

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